Because accuracy and consistency are such a big part of my development as a player and tennis professional I started the 500 club in Los Angeles. With all the athletic avenues for kids handing over trophies just for participation I wanted to give a trophy that over time would stand out and above on a students wall or trophy case!

If you can rally with me 500 times you get a 500 Club trophy with your name , the date, the number you hit on it . If you miss at 490 you are back to zero! 3 students who stand out over time are Jack Quaid who is the only one who ever did it on the first try and hit 744!. Next is Patrick Schwarzenegger who while trying to beat a family friend's score of 715 missed on 678. He didn't get upset or quit. On his next ball he just hit 2002 and really didn't miss, he stopped and caught the ball , he had to go. Gretchen Newman hit 1500 plus and did her's from the baseline on one bounce mixing in topspin and slice. I felt bad because I miss hit a ball and she missed it trying to make sure she got there on one bounce. Probably a good indicator of why she was able to go from beginner to 5.5 level and win USTA Mixed Doubles tournaments with me in under 5 years time! Way to go Gretchen!

I promise these players remember the hard work they put in to get there and are proud when they show someone their 500 Club Trophy! Develop your basics , practice your fundamentals and give the 500 Club a try. You'll be proud of your achievement and glad you did!

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